Concrete Resurfacing Specialist

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Tabberer’s Resurfacing Inc.
Our Expertise:

Concrete Floor Preparation

Our Methods For Preparing Concrete Are:

- Shot Blasting 

- Floor Grinding

- Edge Grinding

- All of Our Concrete Preparation Equipment is

Connected to HEPA Filter Systems. 

We Exceed all OSHA Silica Safety Standards.

- Concrete Floor Leveling

We Use Self Leveling Underlayments to Level, Flatten,

and Resurface Unstable or Rough Concrete Slabs.


- Concrete Moisture Vapor Control for

Concrete With High RH Readings.

- Polished Concrete


- Polished Concrete Toppings.

Toppings are a Great Option When the Existing Slab is

Not Polishable or is Not Flat.

Oil Saturated Concrete Inhibiting

We are Elite Installers. Which Gives Us the Maximum

Warranties for All the Major Manufactures in Our


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the future.  

We look forward to working with you.


Polished Concrete




Aggregate Exposure

Concrete Floor Maintenance



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