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What Do You Need?

Please shoot us a message or give us a call and we will be happy to help you with your concrete resurfacing needs.  We can visit your site to discuss options. We can also provide an on site mock up with your selection beforehand.

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Our work


Concrete Leveling & Resurfacing

Concrete Surface Preparation

Self Leveling Underlayments

Self Leveling Toppings

Resurface & Restore Concrete


Floor Grinding

Adhesive Removal 

Patch Removal 

Coating Removal

Concrete Moisture Mitigation

High RH Concrete Reduction

PH & Moisture Vapor Reduction

Polished Concrete

Aggregate Exposure
Concrete Floor Maintenance

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Restore Exterior Horizontal

Parking Lots

Color Options are Available Depending on Product.
Avoid Pouring New Slabs For New
Concrete Look.




In 1978 Tabberer's Resurfacing or TRI was started. A company that specializes in numerous types of concrete preparation, repair, & finished concrete projects. 


       Since the start TRI has gone on to complete successfully large projects of 500,000 sf. or more. We float concrete that needs to be made flat & smooth.  We will take care of your concrete repair, and preparation needs such as, bead blasting with Blastrac machines to profile slabs and or remove adhesives, as well as other concrete contaminates.  We also use planetary grinders as an alternative to shot blasting for concrete preparation depending on the needs of the project.  Our areas of expertise to list are leveling or flattening concrete slabs, shot blasting concrete, concrete grinding, sealing concrete to block high RH or moisture content, repairing cracked concrete, concrete polishing, toppings, polishable toppings, and much more.


 Over the years moisture content in slabs has been a common need among new and old concrete slabs.  TRI has completed millions of square feet of slabs that have high moisture readings.  All moisture issues on these projects were eliminated, all flooring goods were installed after with 100% success.

   There are many products in the industry that DO NOT perform as advertised. TRI stands behind, and recommends a select few products to complete your project with the highest possible quality material available.  TRI will not test a product on your project. We will only use products that have been tried, tested, and proven so as to eliminate any possible failures.  We can recommend the best products for your project based on cost, and performance.

 Polished concrete is an extremly effective way to use the existing concrete as the finished floor.  Just think SOLID CONCRETE, that is just cleaned, shined, and never replaced.  It has become the most long lasting and efficient type of finished floor a building could have. We can provide a list of successful projects, as well as perform an on site mock up on your concrete slab for you to view.

     Is your concrete slab always polishable? Somtimes existing concrete just doesn't have the desired uniformity or color that you desire.  We can use quality cementitous overlayments or finished toppings that are polishable. This can fix un-level slabs to make them flat, and then finished as a polished concrete floor. This kind of system can also eliminate concrete stained due to previous flooring that has been removed.  It is also a great alternative to terrazzo flooring. This type of finished concrete system provides a way to refinish almost any slab new or old with a new polishable concrete topping or overlays.

   Today Tabberer's Resurfacing Inc. has performed successfully millions of square feet of projects. We work safely with Commercial Floor Covering Companies, General Contractors, Architects, Engineers, and Building owners.  All with the goal of a quality install with long lasting performance.

Please contact us, and allow our team to take care of your concrete surface needs.



Warehouse Office:

2121 Brittmoore RD. #500

Houston, TX 77043


18227 Kelly Creek

Houston, TX 77094

Warehouse: 713.464.1915 

Office: 713.464.8599



Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

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