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Concrete Moisture Control

What You Need to Know about Concrete Moisture Control

Moisture matters in concrete, which is why concrete moisture control is important. Water is a key ingredient in concrete but due to many common factors moisture just will not leave the slab the way you need it to. The climate may not be able to be controlled in time due to project timelines, weather may not permit it, or the concrete is older so the under slab barrier has deteriorated. What ever the causes may be, high moisture in a slab will cause floor failures, and project delays. We will solve it for you though.


New concrete needing moisture control. Why? Moisture moves in concrete. Moisture within a concrete slab can sometimes not start to escape until controlled air is turned on.  This is usually close to the finishing of most construction projects. The moisture drive then begins to escape through the top of the slab destroying any flooring blocking its path. High RH readings become apparent causing construction and flooring to stop. This creates project deadline issues. 


With Tabberer's Resurfacing Inc. when the slab needs to be treated for moisture control we can provide quality options that are FAST! When we are complete all of our installs will receive a maximum manufactures warranty from 15 - 25 years depending on the product chosen. Whether it is after the problem occurs or before as a go early system to prevent and warrant against concrete moisture vapor we have the right option for you.

RH Testing:

For proper concrete moisture control, the moisture must be measured before flooring can be installed. There are two main standards in the industry to measure moisture. You can measure with RH testing and calcium chloride testing. RH testing is the right choice for the most accurate test results.

Before Flooring:

If needed Tabberer's Resurfacing Inc. can also provide a new cementitous finish over the top of the Epoxy Moisture Control System so that all adhesives can bond properly. In many cases this may not required. When this is needed we can provide this as a single system with a single warranty.

New concrete or old concrete please contact Tabberer's Resurfacing Inc. to discuss any of your concrete moisture control needs. 

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