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Floor Leveling

What Is Concrete Floor Leveling?

Concrete floor leveling can be done many ways. There are many self leveling products that can achieve your concrete flatness needs.  If your concrete has to be leveled to a specification that is requiring 1/8" in 10" or similar.  Maybe your concrete has recently had flooring demoed and is just to rough and ugly to simple lay new flooring.  Tabberer's Resurfacing Inc. can visit your job site and take TOPO measurements to give an exact cost for your concrete resurfacing or concrete leveling needs.  

When Tabberer's Resurfacing Inc. used there is no guess work we can tell you how much it will take to get your concrete slab to the flatness you need. Turn key pricing, and flat floors with no guess work.

Some times concrete leveling is just too costly. Go ahead and put your walls up place then call us! We can sculpt the concrete to your leveling needs hallways to rooms with out leveling the entire space achieving excellent results.


The most common use for concrete floor leveling is to create a consistent level subfloor for tile, vinyl, wood, or other flooring.


It can also bring a low area of the concrete up to the level of surrounding flooring. We can create a level topping for existing concrete that is in poor condition.

Whether you are a floor covering company, a GC, or an owner, we can provide competitive pricing for you to use how you need to for the customer. We will provide a flat flat and smooth concrete floor that will look like new.

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