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Concrete Toppings

What Are Concrete Toppings?

Concrete toppings such as Ardex or other topping manufactures can make for great polished concrete systems. We can recommend a complete product line available for polished concrete topping applications.


This kind of system is durable, and reliable. We can outline a process that gives predictable results. With this system you are able to include substrate preparation through the finished polish floor, along with floor maintenance all under one written specification. It is a great way to make an old slab look new again and provide a durable finished concrete floor.

Old ugly or damaged concrete? We can make it like new!


Polished concrete toppings create a smooth finish to new or existing concrete, and is walkable in two to three hours. Self leveling concrete toppings create surfaces that are relatively scratch & dent resistant. They have a unique aggregate appearance that appears like salt & pepper in the finish.


Self-leveling concrete toppings are also able to be sealed for more chemical and spill resistance or just for the sealed finish look.  This is suitable for industrial areas such as kitchens, mechanical rooms, warehouses, storage, & any industrial areas.

Tabberer's Resurfacing Inc. Is an Ardex Level Master Elite Installer. We specialize in ARDEX PCT & SDT polishable toppings and will receive all of the manufactures longest warranties for there systems. 

Whether it is Ardex or another preferred polishable concrete topping Tabberer's Resurfacing Inc. can provide a quality option for your concrete floor.

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