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Bead Blasting Concrete

What Is the Process of Bead Blasting Concrete?

Concrete Bead blasting is the same as shot blasting you just may know it as Bead blasting.

Bead blasting concrete works by using a centrifugal airless wheel that will propel steel beads also called blast media at high velocities in a controlled direction. A blast wheel is accelerated toward the surface of the concrete and contaminants that are removed will land in the HEPA Vacuum system for a dust free blasting job. The steel shot also known as steel beads are recirculated within the machine making this a very clean concrete preparation method. After bead blasting work is performed a rollable magnet is rolled across the area to pick up any residual steel shot. The concrete will then be vacuumed clean for a clean and profiled concrete finish. 

This is great for concrete contaminate removal for any such as adhesives, thin patch, epoxy, and others.  It is also the preferred preparation method for many adhesive, epoxies, and cement underlayments for new or old concrete.


This type of concrete preparation makes for excellent product adhesion.

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