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Self Leveling Underlayment

Working with Self Leveling Underlayment

Self leveling underlayment is a good choice under any type of floor and its the best choice when concrete resurfacing, concrete leveling, or higher compressive strength floating is needed under flooring. 


Before applying a self leveling underlayment, the floor will need to be cleaned, and many times mechanically prepared with proper equipment, then primed. 


Self Leveling underlayment can turn old out of level, rough or damaged concrete to flat and smooth concrete. It will then be ready for a quality floor covering job.

We work with many different types of self leveling underlayment. It will provide excellent uses indoors and outdoors. It can be used to slope down or up at entrances or points where needed. It can be used to slope too drains. Self leveling underlayment can even be used to repair soft, rained on, or overwatered concrete.

Tabberer's Resurfacing Inc. uses all the most efficient methods to install self leveling underlayment and we are backed by the top manufactures for a quality install.

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